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Panel Society 

This site is the repository and meeting ground for a sprawling project centered around aesthetic collectible objects. Here, you can see the full collection of where the panels are, where they have been placed, and where they will be. Each panel has its own page indicating its history, its owner, and current status. We hope that people who stumble upon a panel will find this website and get in touch with us. 

Each panel is made with great care and sensitivity. 80% of works in the Panel Society are spread around the world; placed in locations of particular importance, and serendipitously found by their future owners. 20% are available for purchase.

Those who join, by either purchasing or finding a panel, become a part of the Panel Society. Members will receive a monthly newsletter. There will be a brief introduction of new members along with any relevant updates to the organization.

The future of this organization is still fluid and open-ended. Since panels are still under construction, not all 99 are currently listed. Please check back in the future! 

All the best,

Founder of Panel Society

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Contact: info@panelsociety.com